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Donations, donations, donations

Every computer user, to some extend, is a user of Open Source Software (even if most of them are oblivious to that). This is only possible because the developers of these pieces of software have donated their time to us, who are nothing short of complete strangers to them. These are regular people, with just as much free time as you or I—sometimes a bit more, sometimes even less.

There are many ways we can thank them for this. Just saying “thank you” is one way, anyone likes to be appreciated and would be happy to hear that they did something that helped you. Another way is to spread the word, share the software, and thus help them help more people. A third option is to help back, send a patch or a PR, write documentation, or even write your own software to help your own complete strangers, adding one more link to this selfless chain. And lastly, you can also donate.

A few weeks ago, I setup a Gratipay page for Endless Parentheses. If you’d like to help, you can donate to the blog or to my packages by clicking on the button below.

Say thanks on Gratipay

But that was weeks ago, it was something else that prompted me to write this post today. Over the last four days, two of Emacs most popular packages have setup new donation channels, so I saw this as a chance to group all these links together into a post.

CIDER now has a page on Salt (Bountysource’s new monthly donations scheme), and Magit has got its Gratipay page up and running again after some down time. Both of these are true feats of Emacs development, way beyond your usual weekend programming exercise, so consider donating if they make your life easier. They also offer several other channels, so see these links to their respective manuals.

Update 05 Oct 2015

Bastien Guerry points out that Org-mode now has Gratipay page as well. You can also donate to it via Paypal on the website (top-right corner). I shouldn’t have to tell you that this blog probably wouldn’t exist without org-mode!

Two more huge and important Emacs projects I forgot to mention before are Flycheck and Spacemacs, and you can find their Paypal links on their respective Readmes.

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