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Easily Create Github PRs from Magit

In contrast with fetching pull requests, which either requires a minor-mode or some long-named branches, creating pull requests is as easy as a one-key deal.

*If you’re reading this now, note that this code was written for an older Magit version. An up-to-date version of the code (working with latest Magit) can be found on this other post.*

Because sx.el (a package which I really ought to blog about) was developed as a group effort, Sean and I decided early on to use PRs for everything. Predictably, the need arose for a quick way to create them, and I promptly asked Emacs.StackExchange for help. The solution below is a courtesy of Constantine.

(defun endless/visit-pull-request-url ()
  "Visit the current branch's PR on Github."
   (format "https://github.com/%s/pull/new/%s"
      "\\`.+github\\.com:\\(.+\\)\\.git\\'" "\\1"
      (magit-get "remote"

(eval-after-load 'magit
  '(define-key magit-mode-map "V"

After hitting V, you just need to press the big green button at the Github page.

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