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Paradox 2.0 Released: Execution hook, Interface improvements, Async Execution

I've just released Paradox version 2.0. If you've been following the blog, you already know this features the ability to do background upgrades. Below is a list of other features.

However, I'd first like to say this release requires an Emacs version of at least 24.4. package.el changed a lot in that release, and the trouble of supporting two separate versions was keeping me from writing new features. I may implement backwards compatibility if I see people asking for it.

Some new features

paradox-execute-asynchronously variable
Set to t or nil depending on whether you want this feature.
paradox-upgrade-packages command
Upgrade everything, wherever you are. Combines well with the above.
paradox-after-execute-functions variable
A hook run after every transaction. Remove functions from it to streamline your experience, or add your own functions to extend functionality. For instance, if you don't like the new *Paradox Report* buffer, you can prevent its creation by removing the relevant functions from the hook:
(remove-hook 'paradox-after-execute-functions
Better interaction
Now, when you hit x in the Paradox Menu to execute a set of installations and deletions, the buffer narrows to display only those packages (see below). Much nicer than the usual message in the echo area.


These are the main changes. You can also view package commit lists, but that's been the case for a while.

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