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Sweet New Features in 24.4

New in 24.4 post series

At last, Emacs 24.4 is getting released next Monday (the 20th). To commemorate, I took a stroll through the “News” file and picked a few new features that spoke to me the most. I had to cut dozens of interesting items for it to fit the format of this blog. And I still had to divide it into 3 parts.

Today, I’ll just list my reaction to some sweet new features. Worthy of mention: back in December 2013 Mickey made a huge post also listing new features, and Bozhidar has been doing a series of great posts on the subject.

Favourite New Features

New [Tramp] connection method "adb", which allows to access Android.


New hook eval-expression-minibuffer-setup-hook run by eval-expression on entering the minibuffer.

You can enable ElDoc inside the eval-expression minibuffer.

This is awesome! Try it now! Evaluate the following, then call M-: and type something like (message.


It displays in the mode-line!

The Messages buffer is created in messages-buffer-mode, a new major mode, with read-only status. Any code that might create the Messages buffer should call the function messages-buffer to do so and set up the mode.

I've announced my joy for this before.

New option load-prefer-newer affects how the load function chooses the file to load.

Hopefully, someday, t will be the default value of this. For the moment, make sure you add (setq load-prefer-newer t) so you’re never accidentally using outdated compiled files.

New library subr-x.el with miscellaneous small utility functions: hash-table-keys, hash-table-values, string-blank-p, string-empty-p, string-join, string-reverse, string-trim-left, string-trim-right, string-trim, string-remove-prefix, string-remove-suffix

Get in the habit of using these functions. They greatly reduce the need for the s- package, not that there’s anything wrong with it but less package dependencies lead to a cleaner environment.

New macro with-eval-after-load.

Like eval-after-load, but you don’t need to quote the body.

New commands toggle-frame-fullscreen and toggle-frame-maximized, bound to <f11> and M-<f10>, respectively.

Support for menus on text-mode terminals.

Multi-monitor support

User-experience, user-experience, user-experience.

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