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Tab Completion for Prose

When writing prose, I find auto-completion to be more of a distraction then an aid. However, my field of research involves much repetition of some annoyingly long words, such as “thermalization” or “distinguishability”.

Instead of completely disabling auto-complete, I've found it useful to dial it down a notch, while still letting it trigger on these monstrosities.

(setq ac-auto-start 3)
(setq company-minimum-prefix-length 3)

(defun endless/config-prose-completion ()
  "Make auto-complete less agressive in this buffer."
  (setq-local company-minimum-prefix-length 6)
  (setq-local ac-auto-start 6))

(add-hook 'text-mode-hook

This will offer completions based on previously typed text, but only when I stumble while typing a long word.

Do you use any kind of tab completion for writing prose? It seems company-mode has an Ispell back-end, has anyone ever tried that?

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