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Concise ramblings on Emacs productivity.

Big things to expect from Emacs 25

Emacs turned 24.4 this Monday. Admittedly, it's not a hugely significant number, but every birthday is a big deal. The cries of joy and celebration echoed throughout the websphere. And now, while Emacs sleeps off an alcohol-induced headache, as the janitor sweeps off the inch-thick confetti covering the floor, we gather ourselves and look forward. Just before the horizon, a prominently ominous, silvery, unavoidable “25” is within sight. And it brings changes. [...]

Aggressive-indent just got better!

aggressive-indent is quite something. I've only just released it and it seems to have been very well received. As such, it's only fair that I invest a bit more time into it. [...]

Kill Entire Line with Prefix Argument

I won’t repeat myself on the usefulness of prefix arguments, though it would hardly be an overstatement. Killing 7 lines of text in two keystrokes is a bliss most people will never know. [...]

Old Packages and New Packages in 24.4

Our final post of the series starts with a sober note, but swiftly moves to a happy ending. Just as we cherish each improvement to our favorite packages, so must we honor the dead who served us and give the newborn a chance to thrive. These are the packages marked obsolete, followed by the new packages you didn’t even know you wanted. [...]

Useful New Features in 24.4

Following yesterday's list of the Sweetest New Features in 24.4, today I go through the ones that strike me as most useful, either to me or to the Emacs environment itself. This is the part where I had to cut the most. Emacs 24.4 exhibits a downpour of usability improvements, and it almost feels unjust to not list them all. Nonetheless, I've narrowed them down to 8. [...]

Sweet New Features in 24.4

At last, Emacs 24.4 is getting released next Monday (the 20th). To commemorate, I took a stroll through the “News” file and picked a few new features that spoke to me the most. I had to cut dozens of interesting items for it to fit the format of this blog. And I still had to divide it into 3 parts. [...]

Intelligent browse-url

When you have more than one browser installed, you must choose which one’s the default. The OS will then proceed to open all URLs in the default browser, even if it happens to be closed while another one happens to be running. [...]

And the Beta goes Public

The site goes well and the curtains are raised. The Emacs.StackExchange beta has left the privacy of its dressing room and ventures onto the public stage. Even if you have nothing in your mind to ask, go pay it a visit and have a browse through the questions. The quality of content is impressive, and you’re sure to learn something of interest. [...]

Keymap for Launching External Applications and Websites

The launcher-map wouldn’t be half of what it is if not for the run macro. With it, we can easily turn Emacs into a quick ’n dirty app launcher. [...]

Longlines mode in LaTeX

Emacs.SE has truly revived my init file. Every day, a new snippet gets added. I started this series only 6 days ago, and it’s already on its fourth episode. [...]

Aggressive Auto-indentation

electric-indent-mode is enough to keep your code nicely aligned when all you do is type. However, once you start shifting blocks around, transposing lines, or slurping and barfing sexps, indentation is bound to go wrong. [...]

Updating org-mode #+INCLUDE: statements on the fly

Today’s post regards my answer to kaushalmodi's question. Since the beta is still private, you might not be able to follow those links quite yet, so I’ll summ it up here. [...]

Auto-focus a Relevant File in Dired Buffers

The emacs.stackexchange beta has only just started and interesting topics have already begun to pop up. Partially to share snippets I find nifty, and partially to help promote the beta, I’ll be posting here questions and answers I find engaging. [...]

Emacs Stack Exchange enters Beta

If you read r/emacs or follow some Emacs bloggers on twitter, you’ll have noticed a proposal for an Emacs stack exchange site was launched a couple of weeks ago. The commitment rate of the proposal was nearly record-breaking, and now it has entered private beta. [...]

Fixing org-in-src-block-p

For reasons which ellude me, the org-in-src-block-p function is disappointingly inconsistent for me. Given its major role in narrow-or-widen-dwim, this frequently led to org-edit-src-code not getting called when point was inside a code block. [...]