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Proof general configuration for the Coq Software Foundations tutorial

Proof-general is a powerful client for the Coq proof assistant, and Software Foundations is great interactive tutorial for the language. As I was following the tutorial, I felt the need to speed things up a little bit. Today’s post is just some configuration code I wrote for that effect.

Parts of it might be useful for coq in general, but its mostly optimized to minimize keystrokes in the tutorial, and sometimes it leaves bad indentation or extra lines all over the place.

;; I appreciate the effort of writing a splash-screen, but the angry
;; general on the gif scares me.
(setq proof-splash-seen t)

;;; Hybrid mode is by far the best.
(setq proof-three-window-mode-policy 'hybrid)

;;; I don't know who wants to evaluate comments
;;; one-by-one, but I don't.
(setq proof-script-fly-past-comments t)

(with-eval-after-load 'coq
;; The most common command by far. Having a 3(!)
;; keys long sequence for this command is just a
;; crime.
(define-key coq-mode-map "\M-n"

;; Proof navigation didn't work for me. So please
;; stand aside for my paragraph navigation.
;; http://endlessparentheses.com/meta-binds-part-2-a-peeve-with-paragraphs.html
(define-key coq-mode-map "\M-e" nil)
(define-key coq-mode-map "\M-a" nil)

;; Small convenience for commonly written commands.
(define-key coq-mode-map "\C-c\C-m" "\nend\t")
(define-key coq-mode-map "\C-c\C-e"
(defun endless/qed ()
(unless (memq (char-before) '(?\s ?\n ?\r))
(insert " "))
(insert "Qed.")

(defun open-after-coq-command ()
(when (looking-at-p " *(\\*")
(open-line 1)))

(advice-add 'proof-assert-next-command-interactive
:after #'open-after-coq-command)

These are some common abbrevs, and an advice so you don’t have to hit SPC before M-n.

(define-abbrev-table 'coq-mode-abbrev-table '())
(define-abbrev coq-mode-abbrev-table "re" "reflexivity.")
(define-abbrev coq-mode-abbrev-table "id" "induction")
(define-abbrev coq-mode-abbrev-table "si" "simpl.")
(advice-add 'proof-assert-next-command-interactive
:before #'expand-abbrev)

And finally, the most important snippet. Just make sure you install company-coq from Melpa.

(when (fboundp 'company-coq-initialize)
(add-hook 'coq-mode-hook #'company-coq-initialize))

Tags: programming, init.el, emacs

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